Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season One

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, Windows

Star rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Developers are hoping to excite fans of the series by bringing back several classic maps.Crash, Shipment and Vacant headline the first season’s significant update alongside two new weapons.

The Holger-26 has been added to the armory which is a light machine gun which packs a serious punch when deployed.

Then there’s the RAM-7 which acts as a sub-machine gun for close quarters combat.

Shipment has finally been added to the 2V2 gunfight mode alongside new maps Cargo, a container storage ship and Atrium a classical building which looks more like a museum.

The Battle Pass costs costs 1,000 CoD Points which is around £8.49.

In an age where players are spoilt by free games, it seems cheeky to ask fans to cough up more money shortly after spending around £40 for the intial release.

Nevertheless, it’s proving a huge hit with its loyal fanbase.