Review: PuroGamer headset

Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Star rating: 4/5

This handy and compact headset keeps up with its competitors at double the price.

The PuroGamer is different as they have been designed specifically for gaming with a built-in software limiter that keeps the volume at or below 85 decibels to protect the ears from loud bangs or explosions.

It’s almost impossible to do this without affecting the overall gaming experience but this USB powered device manages it well.

The stereo sound of footsteps is easily audible whereas it tends to take the edge off the airstrike blasts, deafening gunfire and grenades in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

And the noise cancelling microphone works well for squad communication in Fortnite and Apex.

The headband is soft and comfy and the only real downside of the device, which retails at £69.99, is that’s it’s wired so you lose the manoeuvrability.