Game: Apex Legends System Override

Platform: Xbox One/ PS4 / Windows

Star rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A new limited-time Apex collection event called System Override offers gamers a new mode and plenty of collectibles.

The free-to-play first person shooter is locked in a battle with Fortnite to retain gamers with a treasure trove of new content.

The new event runs until March 17 and feature the new Deja Loot mode, which will see all loot respawn in the same location on the map each match. 

Players can pick up the new Evo Shield in the arena and collect a variety of Assimilation Themed cosmetics and a new Heirloom Set for Octane. 

The first week of Deja Loot mode will take place on World’s Edge; the second week will see Legends return to classic map Kings Canyon. 

New to the Apex arsenal of items, the Evo Shield gets more powerful as Legends inflict damage on their enemies, becoming stronger than Epic Body Shields. 

Evo Shields change colors as players progress, but their distinctive glow will help players identify them.