Game: Doom Eternal

Platform: Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Star rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The world’s first global first person shooter explodes back onto our screens with an extremely gory and fast-paced take on monster hunting.

True to form in Doom games, Earth has been invaded by demons and it’s down to you to save the planet.

But gone are the 16-Bit Graphics and two dimensional storyline, instead we have a layered, adrenaline-fuelled, visually compelling single player masterpiece.

Players are equipped with a terrifying arsenal of weapons from giant chainsaws, shotguns with meat hooks and a shoulder mounted flamethrower that generates armour.

As well as running around and shooting at monsters, you must also collect and stock up on health, armour and ammo to keep on smiting your ever-growing army of foes.

The very nature of this game isn’t for everyone, but Bethesda have done a fantastic job on satisfying the appetite for wild carnage of Doom’s core audience.