Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ark is a pretty sick game by anyone’s standards. Think a cross between Minecraft and Jurassic Park but in caveman times.

This beautifully crafted prehistoric adventure was breaking new ground in terms of next gen console MMORPGs.

Players first customise their cave dweller with everything from nose length to height, eye colour and body proportions.

You’ll then thrust them into one of three unique types of world containing dinosaurs, terrifying fish and giant monsters.

The biggest danger in Ark lies in other online players, up to 120 of them, who are often lying in wait to ambush your camp and steal all of your resources.

To survive in Ark you need to build your own tribe with friends and allies and strengthen your base with traps, defences and by taming dinosaurs.

You can even knock other players unconscious and lock them up in a makeshift prison.

But the best attribute of this unique multiplayer game lies in its variety – you can choose your own playing style.

Whether you want to be a hibernating hermit berry collector living in a cottage at the top of a mountain or a marauding sniper riding a T-Rex is completely up to you.

It’s not just dinosaurs you can tame and use as weapons, you can also come up against giant spiders, evil snowmen and even the mythical yeti.

Players will also need to battle against the environment to stay cool, warm and full of drink and food.

Maps on this are huge, and take almost months of exploring.

Ark’s potential is limitless – and if you’re quick it’s completely free to download on the Epic Games store.